These are just some of the sites I have created and maintain. I have developed others which the clients now maintain, with a little handholding by me, or with no input from me whatsoever - these I cannot link to as I do not know what they show at any one point in time.

The Artful Traveler

"We love to travel"



A personal website of travel mementos.

Jumps West

"The best jumps in the West"



An eCommerce site selling jumps, portable fencing and jump, barn and arena components.

Jumps West is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of horse jumps . We carry the largest selection of horse jumps and showing equipment for events in North America. We also provide a wide variety of dressage, footing, barn, educational and training supplies.

A community events newsletter which I run, for the town of Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

There is a monthly printed issue, distributed free within the town, also available via the website and the FB page.

Subscribers via the website get the issue in their email.

Eating Psychology and Mind-body Nutrition Specialist Jessica Hughes, offers counselling, workshops and 1-on-1 programs to

  • Create hormonal balance for clear radiant skin, optimal weight and increased energy ​

  • Break through health ruts that keep you from stepping into your greatest potential

  • Improve and balance mood, heal anxiety, and depression 

  • Heal patterns of binge eating or chronic dieting that are depleting your vital life force 

  • Cultivate a loving and intentional relationship with nourishment

Jessica is an Eating Psychology and Mind-body Nutrition Specialist practicing in BC. Her website incorporates a sign-up option which then provides a free e-book for download to subscribers.

Located in Australia, on Sydney's North shore.

Insite Therapy and Consulting provides individual, couple and family therapy to help people with relationship concerns, personal problems and symptoms of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. The site incorporates videos for training purposes.

EPAC Academy of Contemporary Art is the first Comic and Game Art school in Switzerland.

EPAC Academy of Contemporary Art is the first Comic and Game Art school in Switzerland. Our programs are for students who dream of a career as an illustrator, comic artist, artist, game designer or many other artistic careers. Courses consist of practical and theoretical lessons with workshops given by prominent illustrators, screenwriters, game artists and academics on a campus with over 600 square meters of space dedicated solely to narrative art.


Seasonal lawn maintenance; Aerating, seeding & sodding; Weed control, tilling & planting flowers; Soil replenishment, mulching & edging; Yard cleanup & leaf removal; Cleaning & maintenance options available.


Custom container flower arrangements; Garden & landscape design; Patios; Interlock; Woodwork; Ponds ; Tree Care; Tree, hedge & shrub planting ; Trimming & pruning, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


A video has been incorporated onto the front page of the site. A gallery of before and after pictures is also provided.

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